We believe God is on a Mission in this world and he wants us all to be involved. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ began his ministry by announcing the coming of the kingdom of God. Ever since then, every time his followers are involved in sharing about Jesus, helping others, working for Justice, teaching new followers, restoring communities, then we are simply joining in with that kingdom mission, and joining with other Jesus-followers right across the globe. At the Mission Church we want to be useful and faithful to God’s Mission; through our own lives and relationships but also through our support and help for the many organisations that we come into contact with.

For some of our Mission Partners, we support them by sharing resources and our building facilities. If you share our mission focus and believe that our building could be useful to your organisation then please do get in touch and we can explore that together. Here is a list of some of the groups that either make use of our premises, or we support through prayer, finance and encouragement:



Dochas Education TrustLatin Link
India Village MinistriesOperation Mobilisation
Overseas Missionary FellowshipGLO Europe
FEBA Radio UKElam Ministries
SAT7Christian Solidarity Worldwide
Open DoorsRelease International