New Students

Its a crazy rollercoaster ride for a lot of young people at the moment as they find out the grades they got, and scramble together their worldly possessions to move home, maybe, for the first time. A lot of Christian young people are in that place too and will soon be landing in our neighbourhood with all their clothes and hopes and dreams in their suitcase. As a church family that has a number of students and is situated so close to campus, these people are very close to our hearts just now. We are praying for them and looking out for them to help in anyway we can.

Here’s a prayer I found and modified (from that might help you in this area. And if you are student coming to Aberdeen, or you know someone who is, then please know that we would love to meet up with you and help your first few months be a good few months.

Lord God – we pray just now for those who will shortly be moving to Aberdeen to start University.

We pray for them as they take this great step into the next stage of their lives and ask you to be with them.

May they adjust well to their new surroundings, make friendships and enjoy all the opportunities that university life has to offer. Help them to study and embrace all the new learning they’ll be doing.

May we be a faithful community supporting, caring and praying for them in these coming days and months.

In the name of Jesus,


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