August M.O.M – Scripture Union

Our Mission of the Month for August is Scripture Union Scotland. Their vision is “to see the children and young people of Scotland exploring the Bible and responding to the significance of Jesus”. Since the regional office for Scripture Union is based in our Mission Church building then we feel quite a close connection to this vital ministry.

Scripture Union as an organisation has been around for quite a long time (150 years!) and they have developed into an organisation with a wide global reach (130 countries). At the heart of it all is a love for sharing Jesus with young people, and that need is just as great now as it ever was. Through holidays and weekends-away, through school groups and Church missions, they organise and equip volunteers to get alongside young people of all backgrounds to develop positive relationships, explain the bible and encourage them to respond to Jesus

Helpfully, their website is full of more information about their current initiatives. It also has a section dedicated to giving advice on how to pray for S.U. and how to encourage prayer amongst various groups. It’s worth checking out.