Mission of the Month – Dochas Education Trust

We were really appreciative of a visit from Donnie and Sandra Macleod at a recent Sunday Gathering. Our mission of the month for June had been Dochas Education Trust and so it was great to hear from them some up to date information about what has been happening in Malawi, particularly during the Covid Pandemic.

Here’s my take home points:

  • We can praise God that the 9 centres that Dochas run, across Malawi, have all continued and expanded throughout the pandemic season. And that, without anyone being able to visit from the U.K. Modern technology meant that communication lines were able to be maintained at such a great distance.
  • God was also behind the fact that a number of new leaders had been selected and finished their training just before the pandemic hit, which meant that operations were able to continue with fresh and locally trained workers.
  • Whilst Malawi was not as badly affected by Covid as was initially predicted, they have additionally suffered with severe droughts and cyclones which has badly affected food supplies and caused noticeable displacement throughout the country. Whilst Dochas is not an emergency aid charity, they have been able to connect with other groups to provide help for these pressing problems. Please continue to pray for the ongoing effects of this.
  • Some of the projects highlighted by Donnie are growing from strength to strength. Women’s bible studies at all 9 centres have seen good numbers. Alongside these studies there are children’s clubs which see good numbers of children playing and learning together. Compassion ministries continue as people are knitting and sewing clothes for those without means.

It was really helpful to have a close-up account of what is happening with this specific organisation. Thanks Donnie and Sandra for coming! Please do remember Dochas Education Trust and Malawi in your prayers.

Whilst they don’t currently have an up and running website, you can follow them closer through their facebook updates here: https://www.facebook.com/dochaseducation/

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