Go on a Glo Mission

Steven, one of the leaders here at the Mission, also works for Glo Europe (see him in this fetching promo video here!) Glo is a great organisation that strive to keep the local church at the heart of all their mission activity. Or, as they put it in their strapline: “Growing Mission Focused Churches in Europe”.

If you’re interested in doing a short term mission (1-2 week/s) then there’s quite a few opportunities coming up this year with GLO Europe. There’s teams all over Europe and in the UK with a range of different activities like leaflet distribution, refugee support, English language teaching, kids work etc. It’s a great chance to practise your faith in a different context, to support churches in Europe and also just experience something different! Get in touch if you’re interested and we’ll connect you up with Steven.

Or take a look at: 


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