Help for the way: Bible Project

It can be hard to get your head round the bible. For many of us, we know it’s important to read it, and we’ve found some parts of it inspiring, encouraging and life-giving. But there are still a lot of it that is confusing!

A lot of you might already know about the Bible Project since its been around for quite a few years now. They are an online project that assemble together helpful videos and other resources, that lead people through the main themes of the Bible. Some of these videos take a deep dive into specific books, and some cover the major themes that go in and out of the whole scripture. I have often found them really good for making sense of the bigger picture, before I take a closer look at the words of the bible myself.

Here’s the opening video of a series they’ve done exploring the Bible itself. What is it, what story is it telling and whats the best way to approach it? take a look and spend some time on their website. There is a lot there. Maybe it will help you with a part of the Bible you’ve been trying to make sense of.

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