24hrs of Prayer

Starting on Friday 10th September from midday we have 24 hours of Prayer at the Mission. There will be a quiet space at the back of the hall with ideas, activities and prayer prompts. It is a chance to pray for all the groups that will be using the Mission over the next season, to give it all to God, along with our cares for our loved ones and the world.

Why not book yourself a slot and come visit the prayer space:


24-7 Prayer movement

Our 24 hours of prayer is connected up with a movement of prayer called ’24-7 Prayer’. Its a great organisation that has been running now for decades! Over twenty years of continuous prayer! Their website is a great hub of ideas of how to do your own prayer event and how to encourage one another to pray. They also provide other resources like the lectio365 app which helps to encourage good personal habits of prayer and bible reflection. Do go and spend a moment on their website:

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